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A focus on counseling in 2022

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In 2022, Cultivating Success Fund gave over $6,000 to support of counseling services.

One grant went to Kaleidoscope in Columbus, Ohio, supporting a youth counselor through their community-based wellness program. 

Kaleidoscope Youth Center is the largest and longest serving organization supporting LGBTQIA+ youth in Ohio. The mission of Kaleidoscope Youth Center is to work in partnership with young people in Central Ohio to create safe and empowering environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally youth through advocacy, education, support and community engagement.

The Community Based Wellness program was launched in 2020 and they are continuing to expand the services that they can provide. In 2021, they hired their first mental health therapist who has taken a holistic approach to supporting their young people. The therapist is available for youth to meet with one-to-one and as a group, all free of charge. The need has quickly outpaced their resources and our grant helped support the hiring of a second therapist. The ability to receive quick and quality mental health services is one of their greatest needs identified through their wellness program. The ability to help provide these services is the foundation of wellness and helps them achieve other program objectives such as providing shelter, nutritional assistance, other resources to the youth.

Our second grant went to Turning Point in North Carolina, supporting a counselor for victims of domestic abuse (both adults and children).

Turning Point offers comprehensive domestic abuse services, including shelter, a crisis line, transportation, counseling, support groups, and survivor advocacy. They also support survivors of sexual assault, teen dating violence, and child abuse. Since the pandemic the amount of counseling services requested from the nonprofit from both adults and children has TRIPLED. Our grant went directly to securing an additional counselor to make sure all of their clients were served with mental health services following traumatic events.

Please join us on 05 Day (May 5!) to help us continue to make an important impact in our communities.

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